Robert Hughes BCH

About the Author


Robert Hughes author of Unlocking the Blueprint of the Psyche: Self-hypnosis for Modern Miracles is a Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH), who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the 1950′s and 60’s. After a successful career as a healthcare manager and planner, he followed his inner calling and began practicing hypnosis and hypnotherapy full time in 1994.

He has worked with a vast variety of clients in two languages and on three continents since then. He specializes in positive adult behavioral change, sports, habits, fears, academics, testing, and difficult emotional issues. He has a particular specialty, and is literally writing the book on, treating pediatric irritable bowel syndrome with hypnosis.

Something of a Renaissance polymath, Robert has a master’s degree in management and research methods. He is also a certified massage therapist, a Reiki master teacher, an advanced black belt in a
non-violent form of karate, and an ordained interfaith minister. He has lived and worked in Arizona, California, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, Hawaii and Idaho; as well as in Nicaragua and Panamá. He is a published author of research papers, national and statewide healthcare plans and other public documents, and something over $4.0 Million in successful grant applications.

Robert is semi-retired, but still practices and teaches hypnosis in Boise, Idaho. A confirmed member of the “Retired Dad’s Club,” he uses every opportunity to spend time with his wonderful late life blessings, his children Eleanor and Owen. They can often be found along the river, exploring and fishing.

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